The WHCC’s mission is to make a positive impact through knowledge & charity by creating a common ground where any culture in the world can come and celebrate their way of life through the arts and food.

What is Cultural Identity?

From day one, after the Native Indians, anyone who set foot in the United States is also of a unique culture. Throughout the centuries, all immigrants and their children born here, have been part of this great “Patch Work” we call America.

It is not uncommon for those who are born out of their native land to feel lost in a sea of different cultures and backgrounds. A Cultural Identity is important.

Arts integration is a powerful force that will allow people to experience things directly and develop a strong self identity connecting them to their cultural roots. To understand where you come from and where others come from will help to foster a greater understanding and respect for different cultural values and customs.

No one speaks the language of Cultures better than World Heritage Cultural Center, and nothing can capture the imagination more than telling great stories through the Arts.

I want to create a place where cultures from around the world can celebrate pride of ethnicity.
Juan GonzalezFounder
We need a place to welcome anyone from any part of the world and still make them feel at home in the light of diversity.
Gita DakaFounder
There is so much unnoticed beauty around us, every culture should have a place to show off their colors and shine.
Sattie PersaudFounder
Not only is Danbury’s population diverse, but it is also very young. The programs that WHCC will offer will provide fun and educational outlets for this young generation, while simultaneously allowing both children and parents to learn about the many cultures of their neighbors, and the unique, diverse culture that is Danbury itself.
Board Member
Dancing is a universal language spoken without words.
WHCC is changing the way people think about culture.
Avinash I. PersaudFounder
The World Heritage Cultural Center is helping bridge the gaps between cultures in our increasingly multicultural country and globalizing world. This is a profoundly important task, and will only become more so in the years to come.
Christopher BernardWriter, Poet, Editor, and Journalist
New York’s premier multicultural organization, The World Heritage Cultural Center, breaking barriers among nations through the arts by enabling the audience to become one global family.
The Stewardship Report—Connecting Goodness
We appreciate the support and dedication of the World Heritage Cultural Center, bringing the culture of the world to American Travelers. Their professionalism continues to delight audiences and inspire cultural exploration and entertainment.
John GoliczCEOTravel & Adventure Shows