Washington DC - Indian Dance
New York - World Of Colors Concert - Indonesian Dance
New York - JC, Eve and Svet at the 2011 Pink & Black Tie Gala
New York - Jyoti Kapoor, Stacy London, Eve ~ American Cancer Society
Dallas - Polynesian Dance
Los Angeles
Los Angeles - Mexican Folklore
Time Square NYC - Michael Jackson Tribute
New York - World of Colors Concert - Egyptian Dance
Dallas - Indian Folk
New York - World of Colors Concert - Polish Dance
New York - American Cancer Society
New York - American Cancer Society
Dallas - Thai Classical Music

“Not only is Danbury’s population diverse, but it is also very young. The programs that WHCC will offer will provide fun and educational outlets for this young generation, while simultaneously allowing both children and parents to learn about the many cultures of their neighbors, and the unique, diverse culture that is Danbury itself.” Perry R Salvagne – Board Member

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